Lambda Sensors

A lambda sensor is a sensor which measures the residual amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases. It allows determining the air-fuel ratio of the mixture. The engine control unit uses data from this sensor to adjust the process of mixture formation in real-time.

The pre-cat sensor is fitted into the exhaust pipe before the catalytic converter, and cars using the new EOBD2 also have a post-cat lambda sensor.

Many vehicles now feature a pre-cat Lambda Sensor and a post-cat Lambda Sensor. Whilst the pre-cat Lambda Sensor communicates to the ECU regulating the air/fuel ratio; the post-cat Lambda Sensor performs a diagnostic role, monitoring the Catalytic Converter.

Many lambda sensor failures will simply be a result of age. Normally, the lifetime of an unheated sensor is around 45,000 miles. Heated sensor lifetime is typically closer to 100,000 miles.
The Lambda sensor operates in extremely high temperatures so damage to the heater element of the sensor is the most frequent fault associated with this part. Vibration or damage to connectors and/or wires can also cause failure.

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